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What We Do at SOMEGA

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We combine the highest quality ingredients to bring health and nourishment to you. You will not find any unnecessary ingredients in our products. SOMEGA supplements are founded in science with more than thirty years of food science and nutritional expertise in every bottle.

SOMEGA products are inspired by our founders’ knowledge of health supplements and the needs of the body.

Your body works hard every day for you, it shouldn’t have to work hard to digest your supplements. That is why all SOMEGA products are formulated to be easily absorbed and gentle on the digestive system.

Our products make better health achievable for all, with supplements that are suitable for the entire family from the age of two.

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Our Story


Our story began in our own search for good quality supplements for our family and the realisation that there was a real need for a brand that was founded in science by real people who understand the importance of good nutrition and the benefits that can bring to everyday life.

Mark and Paula come from food science and nutrition backgrounds and their journey began as students at University College Cork, Ireland. After graduating, the pair worked in a variety of roles in the food and food supplement industries in Europe and the USA before returning to Ireland with a dream to bring their vast knowledge to a new brand of health supplement that they felt was needed.

Each SOMEGA product has a real purpose and has been formulated with you in mind. Good nutrition should not be a struggle which is why SOMEGA products are designed to be enjoyed, as well as giving your body the nutrients it needs to keep you healthy every day.

The result is products that are easily absorbed by the body with the highest bioavailability, allowing you the peace of mind to get on with your day knowing you are giving your body the best.

Our Mission

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We believe that everybody deserves the best. It is our mission to help you support your health and live life to the fullest.

With our vast knowledge and expertise in food science and nutrition, our promise to you is that you will always get the best with SOMEGA. There is nothing hidden, and every ingredient comes with a very specific purpose, allowing you to get on with your day knowing you are giving your body what it needs to feel its best.

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The vibrant beauty that surrounds us in West Cork inspires us to protect our planet as much as we can.

While it is essential for us to be as healthy as possible throughout our lives, it is also our responsibility to care for the world that future generations will inherit.

As vital as it is to have the best formulations, we also focus on the importance of running a sustainable business which is why all of our packaging is fully recyclable and our processes are always ethical.

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