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Healthy Winter Skin with Sherna Malone

Expert facialist, Sherna Malone, shares her top tips for healthier, glowing skin this Christmas and New Year.

5 Steps to a Brighter Winter

We share our top tips to help make your winter brighter.

Support For A Healthy Menopause

We explain how SOMEGA supplements are powerful allies for a healthy menopause and beyond.

Fighting Fit – Inside a Marathon Mind with Marion Russell

We catch up with Marathon Mind participant, Marion Russell, to see how she has been getting on with her quest to run a marathon later this year!

The Importance of Vitamin B12

We’ve added Vitamin B12 to the SOMEGA family but what is Vitamin B12, what does it do and who is at risk of deficiency?

The Difference Between Individual Vitamin Supplements and a Multivitamin

We explain the differences between, and the benefits of, individual vitamin supplements and a multivitamin.

Dealing with Hay Fever

Here we share our top tips to help you deal with hay fever this summer.

Immunity Tips for a Healthier You

Here we share tips on how to stay healthy to live life to the max.

Five Reasons You Need Vitamin D

Find out the 5 reasons why we all need to take a good quality Vitamin D3 supplement.

Preparing for Life after Lockdown

Here’s how SOMEGA supplements will benefit you and have you ready for life after lockdown.

Omega-3: supporting your brain throughout life

Do you know that omega-3 fatty acids play an important role in looking after your brain health?

How do omega-3 fatty acids support your brain health as you get older?

We explain how your diet can support this vital organ as you age.

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