5 Steps to a Brighter Winter

You’ve probably seen articles already about “beating the winter blues”. We have somehow been led to believe that “feeling blue” at this stage of the year is normal, but why would this be the case? Of course, the evenings are darker, and the weather is colder, but that does not mean we should automatically feel “blue”- far from it!

Life is for living at all stages of the year, so here are our top tips for keeping you bright regardless of the weather or season…

1. Seasonal Diet

A healthy diet should always come first and is key to leading a healthy lifestyle. It is important to eat as much seasonal fruit and veg as possible throughout the year. In season foods during this time of year include kale, spinach, beetroot, parsnip, leeks, carrots, Brussels sprouts and onions. We love to get all the goodness from as many of these seasonal vegetables as possible by mixing them up for hearty winter soups and stews.

2. Energy

We need energy all day every day to help us live life to the full. That lethargic, sluggish feeling is never fun and shouldn’t be seen as a given during the winter. Vitamin C is a key vitamin for boosting your energy levels. SOMEGA Liposomal Vitamin C is made using liposomal technology which ensures maximum Vitamin C absorption and enhanced cell delivery, therefore maximising the benefit. Vitamin B12 is another vitamin which supports energy levels and helps reduce tiredness and fatigue. Tiredness be gone!

3. Immune support

Winter time is a busy time for seasonal colds, flus and the usual bugs that visit annually. This is nothing new and the same rules apply each year – immune supporting supplements like Vitamin C and Vitamin D play an important role. Omega-3 is always our unsung hero, yet is often overlooked in the vital part it plays in supporting immunity. Our Easy Omega-3 + Vitamin D3 contains a double whammy of health supporting nutrients for supporting your immunity, brain, heart and eye health and is a must all months of the year.

4. B-kind

Looking after your mental health is vital all year round but may be something to be even more mindful of during the darker winter months. Getting out into nature as much as you can and taking some time out for your mental health, including switching off the screens, spending time with loved ones and having things to look forward to are all beneficial. Vitamin B12 helps support psychological and neurological wellbeing and taking a high-quality supplement can help to avoid sub-optimal levels of this essential nutrient. This is particularly important if you have limited intake of animal source foods. From the age of 50, there is also greater susceptibility to impaired Vitamin B12 absorption from food sources, making supplementation a good option to ensure optimal levels.

5. Sunshine

There is a distinct lack of it during the winter but aside from being your own sunshine and recognising all the beauty that surrounds us every day, we suggest taking some “sunshine in a bottle” from SOMEGA. Our range of Vitamin D3 and Vitamin D3 + K2 supplements will have your immune system primed and ready to stand up against the usual seasonal malaise. Even on the darkest of days, think bright and reach for your Vitamin D!


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